Legislative Testimony 2010

Recent Conference testimony before the Maryland General Assembly

Abp. O'Brien Death Penalty Testimony


Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee, I offer this testimony as Archbishop of Baltimore, and chairman of the board of the Maryland Catholic Conference.

I am here today to express our support for the full repeal of Maryland’s death penalty, as proposed by House Bill 316. Recognizing that ...

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Marriage Amendment Testimony 09


This statement of general support for the concept advanced by Senate Bill 647/House BIll 913 is presented on behalf of the Catholic bishops serving Maryland in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Archdiocese of Washington, and the Diocese of Wilmington. The measure seeks to include within the embrace of the ...

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Page 169


We submit this testimony in opposition to Senate Bill 565/House Bill 1055.

Senate Bill 565/House Bill 1055 would redefine marriage by extending the name as well as all the state-related rights and benefits of marriage to any two individuals not otherwise prohibited from marrying in the state. We ...

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BOAST Testimony 09


We offer this testimony in SUPPORT of House Bill 1259/Senate Bill 715, which would create the BOAST Maryland Tax Credit (Building Opportunities for All Students and Teachers in Maryland.) The benefits of this proposal are: not only would the BOAST Maryland tax credit encourage a increase in business support ...

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Transgender Testimony 09


Consistent with our long-standing advocacy on behalf of society’s most vulnerable and marginalized persons, the Church recognizes the intent of this legislation to uphold the dignity and value of every individual. In keeping with that principle, the Church firmly opposes undue harassment or discrimination against any person.

That principle ...

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Stem Cell Research Testimony 09


This statement, urging that the Stem Cell Research Fund be limited to research conducted with umbilical cord blood and adult stem cells, including induced pluripotent stem cells, is conveyed on behalf of the Catholic bishops serving Maryland and their dioceses.

The journal, Science, named the creation of induced pluripotent stem ...

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Death Penalty Repeal Testimony 09


This statement is offered in support of Senate Bill 279.

I present this testimony in the absence of the chairman of our Maryland Catholic Conference, Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, who is out of the country this week and unable to attend today’s hearing. In conveying his deep commitment – and ...

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Unemployment Insurance testimony 09


We offer this testimony in support of Senate Bill 270.

SB 270 will allow those seeking part-time work to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Currently, employers pay into the unemployment insurance system for their employees, regardless of whether the employees work part-time or full-time. Yet, part-time workers are unable to ...

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Testimony on Hate Crimes Against the Homeless 09


Today the Conference comes to you in support of Senate Bill 151, which would expand the definition of hate crimes to include hate-related attacks committed against homeless individuals.

Unfortunately, Maryland has reason to seek such legislation – at least three homeless Marylanders have been killed by attackers who targeted them because ...

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Support for Nonpublic Schools Textbook Program


We offer this testimony on behalf of the families of the nearly 61,000 students served by Maryland’s 162 elementary and secondary Catholic schools.

We are here today to urge your support for the $2.4 million allocated in the FY 2010 budget for the Nonpublic Schools Textbook/Technology ...

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Gambling addiction commission testimony 09


The Conference offers this testimony in support of Senate Bill 50.

SB 50 would establish a Commission on Gambling in the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which would be responsible for studying the effects and costs of gambling addiction, proposing solutions to it and working to improve programs ...

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Opposition to HB 30: Terminal Condition Counseling


This statement is in opposition to House Bill 30.

The Catholic Church feels it is very important for a patient to receive compassionate care at the end of his or her life. Attached to this testimony is a document we have widely distributed, “Comfort & Consolation, Care of the Sick and ...

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