Income Tax Credit - Classroom Expenses for Teachers

Income Tax Credit - Classroom Expenses for Teachers

Support Senate Bill 741

Senate Budget & Taxation

March 7, 2014

We offer this testimony on behalf of the teachers at more than 150 PreK-12 Catholic schools in Maryland, who educate over 50,000 students every year. Senate Bill 741 will provide a tax credit up to $500 for teachers’ unreimbursed classroom expenses or supplies. Every year, dedicated teachers are forced to dip into their own pockets to purchase the supplies for their classroom necessary to teach their students to the best of their ability.

Specifically, the dedicated teachers in Catholic and other nonpublic schools generally receive lower salaries than their public school counterparts and would benefit immensely from this legislation. Additionally, in recent years nonpublic schools have been forced to cut costs due to decreasing enrollments, thus forcing these lower-salary teachers to contribute their own funds for classroom expenses.

This legislation would help to ensure that each Maryland’s classrooms are adequately equipped for its students and that its teachers are not left shortchanged as a result of their dedication. Therefore, Senate Bill 741 benefits both students and teachers and the Maryland Catholic Conference thus urges a favorable report.