Hundreds of Students to Rally for Maryland Education Credit

Little Ones Set to Sing for Senators

Hundreds of students from nonpublic schools around Maryland will gather on Tuesday morning, March 27, to rally in support of The Partnership for Student Education and Community Investment Tax Credit (SB 844/HB 1216) and to visit legislators’ offices urging passage for a bill with wide bi-partisan support but languishing in the Ways and Means Committee because leadership refuses to move it.

Students will come from Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic and other private schools.

In addition, a couple dozen young children from Saint Francis International School in Silver Spring will sing Maryland’s state song, “Maryland, My Maryland,” in honor of Maryland Day (March 25) on the floor of the Senate.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
9:45 am – Rally at Lawyers’ Mall
10:00 am – “Maryland, My Maryland” Sung in Senate Chamber

On Friday, March 23, a Senate committee passed a $22.5 million tax credit bill for the film industry. Yet, supporting low-income students at high quality nonpublic schools takes a back seat. The Maryland Education Credit bill (maximum cap of $15 million) would allow businesses to receive a credit on their state taxes for donations to organizations offering financial assistance to children attending nonpublic AND public schools. It would not take any money away from the public schools.

In this last 5-year span, there are 27,049 fewer students in Maryland nonpublic schools. The additional cost to Maryland’s public schools has been almost $378 million per year. On the flip side, the total savings provided by Maryland’s nonpublic schools is more than $1.5 billion per year.

Spending $15 Million to save $1.5 Billion makes sense – especially in these economic times.

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