Hearing on SB 505 - Freestanding Ambulatory Care Facilities

Tragic and Preventable Deaths and Injuries at Abortion Clinics

Stephanie White lost her healthy 21 year old daughter in 2006. Denise died of an overdose of anesthesia given during an abortion. The abortion clinic did not have a qualified anesthetist. The abortion clinic staff was not trained in basic life support.

Currently, Maryland exempts abortion clinics from the health and safety regulations that govern ambulatory care facilities or out-patient surgical clinics. So instead of being regulated based on surgical risk, abortion clinics are regulated as simple doctor offices which perform routine care, not invasive surgery.

SB 505 - the Freestanding Ambulatory Care Facilities Bill
Senate Finance Committee Hearing
Wednesday, March 2
Hearing on Scheduled Bills Begins at 1:00 pm

SB 505, the Freestanding Ambulatory Care Facilities bill, would close this loophole and require that abortion clinics be regulated just like ambulatory surgical facilities. This bill would ensure that abortion clinics actually have safety protocols in place so that they are prepared to handle situations when something goes wrong.

Stephanie White and others will testify tomorrow at the Senate Finance Committee hearing.

Denise is just one face of many who have lost their lives or been seriously injured in Maryland. When these women walked in to those clinics, they expected and deserved appropriate care. What they received was tragic and preventable. This is an unnecessary public health crisis with an easy fix.

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