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Catholic Advocacy Network

In-Pew Registration Drive

The Maryland Catholic Conference's Catholic Advocacy Network is an e-mail-based tool to educate Catholics on legislative and policy issues of concern to the Catholic Church. Organize an in-pew or online registration drive at your parish, or sign yourself up individually

The Maryland Catholic Advocacy Network provides a simple and quick way for you to communicate with your elected officials, which features: 

  • Email alerts on legislation 
  • Quick, easy-to-use, pre-drafted messages to send to your elected officials (as-is or modified to suit your style) 
  • Updated information on the issues 
  • News stories from around the country

Click here for instructions and materials for a parish drive. 

Haga clic aquí para obtener instrucciones y materiales para una campaña parroquial en español.


The Dignity of Work

In 2018, Maryland will again take up the question of expanding access to earned sick leave to all Marylanders. While sick leave passed both chambers in 2017, it was vetoed by the Governor. The legislature has the ability to take up the bill again in January and take a vote on overriding the veto.


In 2014, Maryland’s Catholic bishops called attention to the needs of the poor and the backbone of Maryland's workforce - the low-wage earner and working families, and urge their fair treatment. 

Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST)


Last year, the Maryland General Assembly created a program to provide tuition assistance for low-income students to attend nonpublic school. Known as the BOOST program, the legislature reauthorized this scholarship program in the 2017 legislative session. BOOST provides tuition assistance to more than 2,400 students from families that are eligible for free or reduced lunch to attend Catholic or other nonpublic schools. For the 2017-18 school year, the state will provide roughly $6 million in scholarships.


Maryland Bishops Call for compassion, prudence and cooperation

Maryland's Catholic bishops called on all Catholics and people of good will within our state to come together in the spirit of compassion, prudence and cooperation to address immigration. The eight bishops issued a joint statement in May 2017 that urged state officials to enact and uphold policies that respect fourth amendment rights while also building trust with immigrant communities; urged Catholics and people of good will to respect differences opinion, engage in the political process, and develop personal relationships with immigrants in their communities; and offered a words of hope to our immigrant brothers and sisters.