2018 Elections

2018 Primary Election

Primary Election Day is JUNE 26. Early voting begins June 14 and continues through June 21

It is critical to remember that many races in our state are decided in the primary. 

If you wish to vote in the Primary Election for the candidates running for Governor, General Assembly or Congress, you must be registered as either a Democrat or a Republican. And you can only vote for the candidates from the party with which you are affiliated. 

If you are affiliated with any other party (Green, Libertarian, etc.) or not affiliated at all (Unaffiliated, Independent) you are not allowed to vote in the Primary. 

The deadline to register to vote, or to change your party affiliation, is June 5. 

It is a simple process, however, to change your party affiliation online in order to vote in the primary and then change it back again before the General Election to the party with which you ordinarily identify. It's very easy to do this online. 

Maryland’s Primary Election day is June 26. Early voting begins June 14 and continues through June 21.

Candidate Survey Responses

Maryland Catholic Conference sent a survey to all the candidates running in the primary for Governor, General Assembly and Congress. The responses are available here for you electronically. Just click on the office you wish to search below, fill out the fields on the new page that opens up and hit "filter."

Pause. Think of the world around us. We are blessed to live in the United States of America and to have the right - the privilege - to vote.

And here in Maryland - the birthplace of Catholicism in the original 13 colonies - we stand on the shoulders of those who fought for the freedom of Catholics and all people of faith to practice their religion openly, and to share their views as active participants in the public square.

Take the opportunity this election season to become educated about the Church’s public policy positions and about the positions of the candidates who are seeking your vote.

Pray for a mind and heart open to the truth our faith and reason reveal to us.

Then, vote.