Education, Children and Families

The Education, Children and Families Department focuses on issues involving the education of elementary and secondary school students, and on marriage and family life. In addition to developing public policy recommendations on these issues, the Department disseminates pertinent background materials, organizes educational and training events, and facilitates Church involvement in government agencies and programs that affect education and family life.

In the area of education, the Department promotes legislation that supports parents' rights as primary educators of their children, and that increases access for all families to the education best suited to their children's needs. The Department considers educational issues affecting the students, teachers, and families of public, private, and religious schools, with a particular focus on issues that affect the Catholic school community. For the last several years, the Department has worked hard to promote the Maryland Education Credit.

In the area of family life, the Department promotes legislation that supports traditional marriage and that enhances the ability of all families to raise their children in a stable, nurturing, and safe environment. The Department coordinates with the Social and Economic Justice Department on issues affecting adoptive families and working parents, school health issues, and other related concerns.