Advocacy and Outreach

Bringing Faith to Grassroots

"Politics is one of the highest forms of charity because it seeks the common good."  ~ Pope Francis

The Church's voice in the public square is not liberal or conservative, Republican or Democratic. It is a voice for the sacredness of all life, the dignity of every human person, and hope for our most vulnerable sisters and brothers. Join with Catholics across the state who are lending their voices to building the common good in Maryland. Get educated. Get mobilized. Get active. Learn how to make your voice heard in the public square. You can make a difference!

We're building a parish grassroots network through the state and need you!

There's a role for everyone, depending on your level of interest:

1. District Captain

District Captains will work directly with the Conference to organize all parishes in their legislative districts with the help of a point of contact in each parish. District Captains will be asked to commit to the position for a year (open for renewal). They will receive a small quarterly stipend, and attend training sessions in the Fall and Spring.


  • Social media savvy
  • Own transportation
  • Energetic interest in Church teaching and public policy
  • Recommendation from pastor


  • Small quarterly stipend
  • Professional and social networking

Click here for the complete Application for District Captain.
Click here for District Captain Duties.

2. Parish Legislative Ambassadors

Parish Legislative Ambassadors are appointed by each pastor, and will work with their District Captain to assist in disseminating information and organizing their parish community.

Parish Legislative Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Organizing education/policy/action events with the help of parish volunteers
  • Registering parishioners for the Catholic Advocacy Network
  • Distributing materials from the Conference
  • Recruiting parishioners for Lobby Night
  • Joining CAN (the Catholic Advocacy Network email alert system)
  • Contacting elected officials
  • Click here for a Parish Legislative Ambassador form.

(NOTE: This can be filled out by you, but MUST be signed and returned by your pastor.)


3. Parish Volunteer

Parish Volunteers will be recruited by the Parish Legislative Ambassadors, and will assist in organizing the parish.

Parish Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Helping to organize education/policy/action events
  • Attending Lobby Night
  • Joining the Catholic Advocacy Network email alert system (CAN)
  • Contacting elected officials

Click here for a General Signup Volunteer form.

Are you a new Parish Legislative Ambassador or District Captain?

Click HERE to download your new PLA or DC packet

Want to learn more about the District Captain and Parish Legislative Ambassadors projects?

Read a complete description of our advocacy program by clicking here


Kate Alexander
Associate Director
Advocacy and Outreach
410-269-1155 or 301-261-1979

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