Comfort and Consolation: Care of the Sick and Dying

A Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops of Maryland

New and Revised, 2014

This 50-page booklet helps Catholics think through the often difficult questions that arise in times of grave illness and impending death. Developed in light of Catholic teachings and in accord with Maryland law on advance directives, Comfort and Consolation includes a practical, eight-page form (the Catholic Declaration on Health Care Decision Making) that Catholics can use to tell health care providers how they wish to direct their care. It covers spiritual support, nutrition and hydration, pain-relieving medication, terminal illness and pregnancy.

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Two-Piece Brochure Set

Brochure One

Comfort and Consolation Q&A

This 12-page brochure offers a summary in Q&A format of the bishops' pastoral letter, Comfort and Consolation. See also Health Care Directives: A Catholic Perspective (listed at the top of this page) for further guidance regarding advance directives.

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Brochure Two

Health Care Directives

This 16-page legal guide is a supplement to the Pastoral Letter Comfort and Consolation and provides practical advice for completing an advance directive that properly reflects Catholic principles. It is one of a series published by the bishops of Maryland to provide guidance and support to Catholics as they consider important issues related to end-of-life decision-making for themselves and loved ones.

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