God is the author of life and has given us a way to participate with Him in bringing children into the world in marriage. Human cloning, which is currently legal in Maryland, violates that gift and is a grave moral wrong. In human cloning, eggs are surgically removed from a woman of child-bearing age. The DNA is removed from the egg and discarded. A cell is taken from the person to be cloned. The DNA is removed from that cell, but it’s not discarded; instead, it’s inserted into the egg. ell division is started with an electrical pulse, creating a new human life, a human embryo. But instead of being a unique person, as God intended, the human being created through cloning is genetically identical to the person from whom the cell was taken.

Scientists want to use human cloning for research purposes and create life according to their own set of specifications. The creation of human life is treated as a manufacturing process, and life itself as a mere man-made commodity. In fact, according to Maryland law, researchers may produce a human clone but must destroy it after only eight weeks of gestation.

Conference Position

The Conference supports legislation to ban the asexual creation of human beings through cloning.

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