Administrative Board

The Administrative Board is a group of advisers with special expertise in public-policy areas of particular interest to the Church. The Administrative Board applies its members’ expertise to policy recommendations of the Conference’s departments.

Most Rev. William Lori, President

Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly, Vice President

Archdiocese of Baltimore
Sean Caine
Steve Kearney
Catherine Liberatore
William J. McCarthy, Jr.
James Sellinger

Archdiocese of Washington
Vincent Burke III
Msgr. John Enzler
Timothy F. Maloney, Esq.
James Soltesz
Kim Viti Fiorentino, Esq.

Diocese of Wilmington
Very Rev. Steven Hurley, STL
Robert G. Krebs
Carol P. Ripken
Richelle Vible

Catholic Hospitals Serving Maryland
Bonnie Phipps

Maryland State Council, Knights of Columbus
Mr. Steve Cohen, State Deputy